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Automated Token Offering distribution platform

BCS has designed, developed and deployed an Automated Token Offering distribution platform based on Blockchain Technology to provide a technology edge fundraising platform to complement traditional financing instruments and attract new investors with an unparalleled earning offering..

Tokens are similar to traditional securities, such as equity, but build and programmed on blockchain. Tokens are backed by something tangible, such as assets, profits or revenue of the company, and are therefore considered as investments. Issuers of security tokens and other parties have to comply with the legal requirements for securities where the token is being issued and actively commercialized. Tokens can bring liquidity to illiquid investments.

Scope of a Token Offering project



  • The concept of idea/project 

  • Assembling core team

  • Product planning

  • Getting advisors

  • Developing a whitepaper

  • Releasing a roadmap

  • Seeking legal counsel 

  • Create ERC20 Token and funding platform 

  • Smart Contracts 



  • Transparency reports and post-sale 

  • Releasing prototype 

  • Proceeds conversion 

  • Token Sale (optional pre-sale) 

  • Releasing code and audits

  • Token sale marketing

  • Product/Community marketing 


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